Infinitely Polar Bear is a 2014 film that looks at a family living in 1970s Boston with a father diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When the mom chooses to go to business school to increase her job options, the dad is left in charge of caring for their two daughters, creating a scenario that tests the family unit.

The Visit is a 2015 found-footage style horror film that follows the story of a brother and sister visiting their estranged grandparents. But who are these grandparents really, and what is going on with them??

The Babadook is a 2014 indie Australian horror movie that tells the story of a mother, her young son, and a monster that comes to haunt them. Already a vulnerable family unit, this top-hatted spectre of doom has even more in store for Amelia and Samuel.

Side Effects is a 2013 drama that follows the twists and turns of Emily Taylor, a young woman seemingly suffering from severe depression. After visiting a doctor to start medication, things really start to go downhill — for both her and the film’s depiction of mental illnesses.