The Visit is a 2015 found-footage style horror film that follows the story of a brother and sister visiting their estranged grandparents. But who are these grandparents really, and what is going on with them??

The Babadook is a 2014 indie Australian horror movie that tells the story of a mother, her young son, and a monster that comes to haunt them. Already a vulnerable family unit, this top-hatted spectre of doom has even more in store for Amelia and Samuel.

Side Effects is a 2013 drama that follows the twists and turns of Emily Taylor, a young woman seemingly suffering from severe depression. After visiting a doctor to start medication, things really start to go downhill — for both her and the film’s depiction of mental illnesses.

Girl, Interrupted is a 1999 drama that follows the story of Susanna, a young woman hospitalized after a suicide attempt. While inpatient, Susanna meets a host of characters, and we get a glimpse of what a psychiatric hospitalization was like in the 1960s.