About the Blogger

Hi there! My name is Mary, I recently received my master’s degree in Social Work, and I have a passion for mental health and film. I’m using this blog to combine these two passions into a productive discussion about how films can better represent those with mental illnesses.

My training has given me lots of experience working with those who are homeless or diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness, viewing their lives through a biopsychosocial model. While performing clinical work, I want to work with those in charge of larger mental health policies to improve access to necessary resources for underserved populations.

Aside from my professional interests, I love to travel and I love movies! I’m a big nerd whose love for film started with my critiques of the Harry Potter movies as a child. Since then, I’ve since expanded my film palette and enjoy everything from Star Wars to the Coen Brothers. Check out my Letterboxd to keep up-to-date with all the movies I watch, outside of the ones I cover on this blog. You can also find me on Twitter!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to contact me!